Ali & Saba's Dessert Lounge

Ali & Saba's Dessert Lounge: December 24, 2015

Of course, we saved the best — and by that, we mean the sweetest — for last!  We bring you the Dessert Lounge for Ali & Saba's wedding. The bride insist on matching her gown, which came to life with a traditional Pakistani - modern flare. Created 1,800 desserts for this beautiful wedding and was allowed to enjoy a little Christmas Eve with the wonderful florist, KVera Events and the DVS Team. 

We used two 8 foot tables decorated in a mixture of round, gold and white stands and cylinder vases, which carried red roses and floating candles inside.  The freshly baked desserts were accented with freshly cut flowers, which matched the florals seen across the room, in the lounge. 

Floral Arrangements: @Kveraevents

Dessert Lounge, Desserts & Photography : Deja vu Sweets

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